How Can I Check My Flight PNR Status?

The PNR number is required to retrieve itinerary documents, manage your trip, complete the online check-in process, or find the flight status. The airline shares the PNR number so that flyers can change their flight and board it smoothly. You need to check my flight PNR status. There are numerous ways to find out your Passenger Name Record. Scroll down the list shared below:

How Can I Check My Flight Status?

Travelers can check their flight PNR (Passenger Name Record) status using various methods mentioned below:

Airline Website: Visit the website of the airline on which you have booked your flight and follow the steps:

  • Look for the "Manage Booking" or "Check PNR Status" option.
  • Enter your PNR/ booking number and other required information to view your flight details.

Mobile App: Many airlines have mobile apps that allow you to check your PNR status. Download the airline's app, share your booking details after clicking "My Trips" or "Manage Booking," and check your flight status.

Third-Party Websites: Several third-party travel websites and apps offer PNR status-checking services. Simply enter your PNR number and follow the prompts to get your flight status.

Text Message: Some airlines provide PNR status updates through text messages. Check if your airline offers this service and register your phone number to receive updates.

Customer Support: You can call the airline's customer service or reservation hotline and provide them with your PNR number. A representative will assist in checking the flight status.

Airport Kiosk: If you're already at the airport, you can often use self-service kiosks provided by the airline to check in and view your flight status. You'll need to enter your PNR or booking reference.

Email Confirmation: If you received an email confirmation when you booked your flight, it may contain a link or information on how to check your PNR flight status.

Remember to have your PNR number and other relevant booking information handy when using any of these methods to check your flight status. The PNR number is shared at the time of booking a flight.

Where Can I Find My PNR Number?

Travelers can easily find the PNR number sent to their registered mail ID or mobile number. Usually, the PNR code is a 6-number or letter code the airline shares when making a reservation. It is also referred to as the confirmation and booking number.

Why Is a PNR Number So Necessary?

The airline allows passengers to make the changes to their flight before check-in. You need a PNR code to edit the ticket or buy itinerary services onboard. List of the benefits mentioned here:

  • Change flight: Passengers can reschedule the flight. You can change the date, fare, and destination if required.
  • Request refund: Flyers can cancel the flight, and the amount is transferred to their account. You need the PNR number to fill out the refund form.
  • Extra Baggage: Suppose you have to buy the luggage space while purchasing the ticket. Flyers can easily book baggage space via Manage Trips.
  • Check-in: You need a PNR code to get the boarding pass.
  • Flight status: Flyers need to find out about their flight status.
  • Special Assistance: You can inform the airline about the requirement for special assistance.

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