Do I Have to Pay a Fee for Changing My Name on Alaska Airlines?

Made a mistake while booking your ticket in your name? You will have to pay a fee for changing my name on Alaska Airlines. The airline needs you to travel with your correct name as in the valid government id proof. If, in case, you have made any mistake while filling your credential in to book your ticket, you can change your name on the Alaska Airlines ticket. 

To make any corrections, there are specific measures you must fulfil. To know these policies and the process to change your name, go through the content given below in which all the required information is provided. 

How to Change My Name on Alaska Airlines and Its Policies

To make changes in the name of your flight ticket with Alaska Air Name Change, you must be aware of the policies you should know. The name change process in Alaska Airlines is not very pleasing. But this process with Alaska is customer-friendly. To know these guidelines related to name change, read the following given guidelines:

  1. A name change is allowed only once per ticket. You can avail of the name change benefit for once.
  2. Changes related to gender and date of birth are not allowed. Changes related to the travel date, payment class, origin, and destination point are also not allowed. 
  3. Only minor name changes up to three characters are free. The charges are not much. 
  4. If you wish to elaborate on your initials or want to interchange your first and last name, you can do it through a Customer service executive without having to pay any extra charges. 
  5. The charges to make changes in your name also depend on the type of ticket and time left for the scheduled departure of the booked ticket.    
  6. To make any changes, you will have to provide valid documents. 

Steps to Change the Name in Alaska Airlines Ticket

After getting to know about the Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy, now the process must be known to you to do the same. The below-given steps will help you with the easy process. To change the name in your bookings, go through the following steps.

  1. Get into the official website of Alaska Airlines. 
  2. Log in using your username and password. 
  3. Click on the “Manage Booking” option on the homepage.
  4. Enter your booking reference id and last name to get your ticket. 
  5. Click on the flight ticket you need to make changes. Here you can do the Alaska Air name change.  
  6. Click on Edit. You will be allowed to make any three changes. Itinerary details, Flight details, or personal details. Skip directly to change personal information. 
  7. Make necessary changes and click on “Confirm.”  
  8. Make the payment if required and confirm the changes you are willing to make to your ticket. 
  9. You will be receiving a confirmation by email and SMS regarding the changes you have made. 
  10. The newly booked ticket will be received at the registered email address.  

Charges to Change the Name in the Alaska Airline Flight Ticket

Name changes at times are much more pricey than the tickets. To avoid this hike in price, it is generally advised to make sure that the names or other details you enter while booking your tickets must be appropriately noted. But still, at times, we make mistakes and fail to give proper attention to what is required. The process and policy are already mentioned above to make changes in the name of your Alaska Airlines flight ticket. To know the fee for changing my name on Alaska Airlines, read the next given paragraph. 

Though many flights have sky-rocketing name change fees, Alaska Airlines is a very pocket-friendly airline in this matter. If you have made the bookings really early, you can make changes for free before 7 days to the prior date of departure. If you make it after the said time, you may be charged between $25 to $50 in all. The change fee is cheap as compared to many other flights. But make sure you come under the eligibility to make changes in your flight. 

For further assistance related to any change process or policy, get in touch with Alaska Airlines' customer care number or visit the official website of Alaska Airlines. 

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