How Can I Get in Touch with Logan International Airport?

Logan International Airport, officially known as General Edward Lawrence Logan Airport, serves numerous passengers daily. If you have planned your trip to your required destination in United States at Logan International Airport, you must dial Logan International Airport Phone Number at +(800) 235-6426 and share your essential concern to get the correct answer. Always consider sharing significant doubts with a travel agent at Logan Airport and make your trip convenient with your family and friends.

Get in Touch with Logan International Airport

When you visit any USA airport, you get the security check-in to ensure you can check with your baggage conveniently. Cooperate with security to complete the check-in task and travel with your limited luggage. Always avoid trouble during your boarding process at the check-in gate and go through the Logan International Airport Contact Number to communicate with a representative to share doubts. In each scenario during a trip, share your particular requirement with a travel agent of different services with their phone numbers.

Get customer service phone number to contact Logan International Airport:

For queries and services before making our trip to Logan Airport, dial +(800) 235-6426 and get better customer service at Logan International Airport.

Use email address to contact Logan International Airport:

You may share your important travel concerns with a real person using email service. You can send your concern to and wait for the solution from a customer representative team that is available to assist you. 

Airport code of Logan International Airport:

You will get the airport code is BOS for Logan International Airport conveniently.

Get lost and found phone number to contact Logan International Airport:

When your baggage is delayed, lost, or damaged after arriving at the airport, dial 617 568-7514 and communicate with a travel agent to get immediate baggage service at Logan Airport.

Use website to contact Logan International Airport:

To get complete facilities and services at Logan Airport, request its official booking website at and ask for help.

Parking phone number to contact Logan International Airport:

You wish to get appropriate details to contact Logan International Airport for the parking services and rates before reaching the airport. You will get 1-800-235-6426 to share your crucial concern with a real person at Logan International Airport to make your trip ideal.

Service at Logan international Airport:

You will find brilliant Airport and terminal services and facilities for the passengers at Logan Airport and plan your trip comfortably without any trouble. Let’s see the list of the services and facilities below, including.

  • ·Aviation services.
  • ·Ground Transportation services.
  • ·Security services.
  • ·Parking and rental car services.
  • ·Get the shops, restaurants services.
  • ·Get the Airport Lounges.
  • ·Providing travel assistance.

You may get complete details on the general airport facilities and services available to passengers and visitors to Boston Logan Airport.

Is Logan International Airport 24 Hours?

Yes, Logan International Airport is always available for the safety and security of its passengers 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, you must reach the airport for the check-in within 24 to 2 hours before departure. Apart from that, once security checkpoints are closed, you must stay in the pre-security area at Logan Airport.

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