How Can I Select Seats for My Lufthansa Flights?

Have you made your booking with Lufthansa and now want to get a seat of your choice for a comfortable journey? If yes, then you are advised to read this article. This article will inform you about selecting a seat after the booking. However, passengers can choose to select a seat while booking, but due to some reason or overbooking, they may not be able to get a preferred seat. Read this article and know your options in such a situation.

What is the process for selecting seats at Lufthansa Airlines?

The passengers traveling with Lufthansa Airlines and wanting to get a seat of their choice might want to know the procedure for selecting their seat. They are advised to select the seat when booking, but if they proceed with the booking without seat selection. You are advised to apply for the Lufthansa select seats by following the procedure below:

  • Go to the official site of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Locate the “Manage my Booking” at the of the page and enter the passenger’s family name along with the booking reference code.
  • Get the booking details on the next page and tap on seat selection in the menu.
  • A map will appear on the screen. Select your seat and proceed to make the payment.
  • Once you have made the final payment, the airline will send the selected seat details to your email ID.

Other ways to select a seat at Lufthansa Airlines

However, the best way to select the seat is through their official site, but some passengers may find the online process difficult and thus look for other options. The airline gives a few more options to select their seat, and this section of the article discusses those alternatives:

  • At the Airport: The passengers can select the seat after the check-in at the airport. Passengers get an option to select their seats once they complete the check-in at the airport.
  • While Online Check-in: The passengers get an option to select their seats during the online check-in. During the check, get a seat map, select your preferred seat, and pay for it.
  • During Reservation: When you make your booking with the airline. You get an option to select your preferred seat. Pay a little more for your ticket and select your seat to sit with your family and friends.

Policies to select a seat at Lufthansa Airlines

The passengers may not get a seat even after they apply for it. It can be because of several reasons. If you have applied for a seat and did not get one and you want to know the reason for it. You are advised to read the terms and conditions for seat selection, which are mentioned below:

  • Lufthansa Airlines does not guarantee the seat selection as it depends on various factors and availability.
  • If you are applying for the emergency seat, you must present the reports stating you are medically fit and able to perform the task in an emergency. If you are not, the airline may deny you the emergency seat.
  • The passengers will have to pay to select the seat.
  • If you do not select a seat, Lufthansa will automatically assign you a seat 3 hours before the flight departure.

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