How Do I Contact Emirates Customer Service?

Emirates Airlines comes up with different amenities for the passengers exploring the world. Suppose your luggage gets lost, or it could get exchanged with someone’s luggage, or you have other travel-related queries. you can use Emirates Airlines customer service number +1-802-341-3430 or 800-777-3999 or you can try the other ways to get instant support from the Airlines; those are cited below:

Communicate through phone call

Passengers can directly speak with the customer representative who can assist them personally and answer their specific questions. Passengers can also consider making the phone call because it results in a quicker response, marking constant presence. To talk with them, dial the emirates customer service number +1-802-341-3430 or 800-777-3999 and stay on the call. A representative of the Airline will pick up your call, inquire about some information.

Get in touch via chat

Emirates Airlines support the chat feature that works very efficiently to resolve the common issues the passengers face. Passengers can live chat online with the representative to convey their concerns with the airline. Steps to start the conversation with the Emirates are brought up later:

  • Open the search engine, type Emirates, and enter.
  • See further down, you will find Help and Contact.
  • After pressing it, a new window will flash on the display.
  • Find Start Live Chat and fill in all the necessary details in the box.
  • Start the chat and put your questions in front of the virtual assistant.
  • The assistant will respond to your questions one by one.

irect message them on social media

Emirates' social media allows the passengers to communicate with the customer service of airlines despite the passenger's location which is beneficial for the international travelers. Social media provides more personalized service to the passengers due to the prior information about their name and other information. Passengers can discover Emirate on social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube.

Interaction via feedback form

Emirates gives the facility of filling out the feedback form in case of inconvenience or any suggestion the passenger wants to share with the airlines. This communication process is very documented, and the chances of misunderstanding are negligible. Follow the ways mentioned down:

  • Look for the official page of Emirates.
  • Pick up the Help and Contact button visible under the Help section.
  • A different page will come on the screen of the device, touch feedback form option.
  • Let it open, and now fill all boxes with valid answers.
  • After hitting the submit button, the reaction has been captured by the Airline software.
  • In a while, the Airline will accommodate with the appropriate guidance.

Does Emirates has 24 hour customer service?

Yes, Emirates has 24-hour customer service, allowing travelers to interact with the representative according to their time. Emirates understands the urgency of flying to a different place; customer service serves the passengers day and night. Give a ring  Emirates number at +1-802-341-3430 or 800-777-3999 to inform the airline about your situation. The Airline will cure your problem.


Former methods are applicable if passengers are facing a dilemma about their ticket or any other issue. Still, if the passenger is not pleased with the information, they can meet the officers at the nearest airport.

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