How Do I Contact Norse Atlantic Airways at Jfk?

JFK Airport is an international airport based in New York City. An individual who has a reservation with Norse Atlantic Airways from JFK Airport for the very first time must want to learn about the contact information and other related airport information for their journey. In the following context, you will attain the details of the airlines and the airport to help sort your travel needs.

JFK Airport Name

John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK Airport Address

Queens, NY 11430, United States

JFK Airport Code


JFK Airport Website

What Terminal Does Norse Atlantic Airways Use at Jfk Airport?

Norse Atlantic Airways uses terminal 7 for the departure and arrival of their flight at JFK Airport, whether the flight is scheduled to a domestic country or an international country. However, you must cross-check the assigned terminal for your flight once you reach the airport, as the terminals sometimes change due to uncertain reasons.

How to Contact the Norse Atlantic Airways at Jfk Airport?

Travelers who wish to get through to Norse Atlantic Airways at JFK Airport can call customer service for human assistance at +1 718-244-4444. As you dial the number, you will need to follow the IVR instructions as needed, and an official will be available to sort out your issues and doubts. One can also share an email at Norse Atlantic Airways for any kind of help related to a flight scheduling from JFK Airport. The email address is

What Are the Other Numbers Available to Contact Norse Atlantic Airways at Jfk Airport?

Various numbers are available for contacting an official at Norse Atlantic at JFK Airport, and the contact directory is listed below:

  • Feedback: (212) 435-7000
  • Noise Complaint: (800) 225-1071
  • Parking Inquiries: (347) 238-3231
  • Parking Manager: (888) 250-8277
  • Terminal Inquiries: (800) 221-9903
  • Air Cargo: (212) 435-3772
  • Media Relations: (212) 435-7777

What Are the Customer Service Hours of Norse Atlantic Airways at Jfk Airport?

The customer service hours of Norse Atlantic Airways are 24 hours, Monday to Sunday, at JFK Airport. As the officials are present throughout the day, one can contact them at their pace and need for assistance. One can contact Norse Atlantic Airways at JFK Airport for flight and service inquiries, parking information, and other related help at any time.

How to Report a Lost and Found Item at Jfk Airport?

If an item is lost or found at JFK Airport, the individual can go straight to the help desk available at the airport and file a report for the same. Moreover, the individual can fill out the lost and found form online and share the details of the concerned item. An official will reach out for help and with the status of the same.

Lost and Found Form:

When to Check in for the Norse Atlantic Airways Flight at Jfk Airport?

When you have a Norse Atlantic domestic flight from JFK Airport, the check-in starts 2 hours before the flight take-off time, and if there is an international flight scheduled, the check-in starts 3 hours earlier. As per your flight, you can complete the check-in at the JFK Airport to obtain the boarding pass. However, the web check-in starts 24 hours earlier than the departure time for all the destinations.

Web Check-In Link:

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