How Do I Contact United Airlines for a Refund?

United Airlines allows passengers to contact United Airlines for a refund of their flight ticket if they cancel their flight ticket as per the airline's policies. United Airlines provides easy and quick ways for passengers to initiate the refund process. The passenger can get a complete refund of their flight ticket by calling the customer service agent of the airline by calling the United airlines phone number or by filling out the refund form available on the airline's official website. The passengers must fill out their complete details on the refund form and the method through which they want their refund back. There is a list of other ways to connect with the airline's agent to get a refund.

Ways to Contact United Airlines for a Refund

The passengers can get a refund of their flight tickets online by filling out the refund form or by connecting with the customer service executive of the airline. The list of methods to fill out the refund form or to connect with the United airlines customer executive are mentioned here for you as follows.

Live chat- It is also possible for you to request their refund through live chat on the contact page.

  • The passengers are required to get onto the 'contact us' page of the airline and look for the chat icon on the bottom right corner of the airline.
  • Click on the icon and follow the auto-generated process where you have to ask for a refund from United Airlines. 
  • Once the auto-generated process is complete, the airline's agent will connect with you and provide you with the details required for you to know to initiate the refund process.

Email- If the passenger hasn't connected with the airline's agent to initiate a refund, in that case, contact United Airlines for refund through email. All [you need to do is draft a mail mentioning a request for initiating the refund and send it to the official mail address given on the airline's website.

Phone Call- The telephonic method is used to make a refund request in United Airlines.

  • You can make a call to the customer service United Airlines phone number  at 1-800-335-2247. 
  • Then you need to choose your language and choose to make a refund request from the menu. 
  • Soon your call will connect with United experts and make a request for a refund.
  • Now you have to share your reservation details such as passenger name, ticket number, or confirmation code. 
  • In the end, your refund request will be in process. 

Once your request is approved, then you will get your refund according to the refund policy of United Airlines. 

United customer service is available all day at 24 hours, but you need to make a request within 24 hours of the cancellation. 

Sometimes you can get a long wait due to heavy calls, unavailable experts, and other issues, so you need to wait until you contact United Airlines operators. 

United Airlines Refund Form

The way to fill refund form online

Well, if you would like to make a refund request by the website, for this, you need to go through the following instructions,

  • To start, you need to visit the official website of United airlines. 
  • You need to select help on the top bar and choose a refund/cancellation policy. 
  • Now, you have to click on a request for a refund, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • This is the way to make a refund request online, you can make a request 24 hours the day of the week, but you must fill out a form within 24 hours of flight cancellation. 


The ways mentioned above are enough for you to connect with the customer service agent of United Airlines and initiate the process of refund. In case the passengers don't initiate the refund, the airlines will provide them with travel credit equal to their cancelled ticket amount

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