How Long Does SpiceJet Take to Refund?

Spicejet understands their customers, so that's why the airline provides flexibility in every type of flight service, such as spicejet refund status and flight cancellation, and in case you have already cancelled your flight, then refund can be claimed through online and offline mode. But the airline will take 24 to 48 hours to provide you the refund. In order to check the status, the airline also provides a refund tracking number, with the help of which you can keep track or check your claimed refund.

The airline provides a digital platform on which you can go through the refund page where you can claim your refund from your preferred location while sitting and eating at your home. Moreover, you will get a spicejet customer care number  011 91 124 498 3410; the number is available 24 hours and seven days. The number is toll-free, so don't worry about the calling charges. You can take the help of a live person to submit the refund form to the airline authority.

Spicejet Refund Policy 

The policies are designed in such a way that none of you will fall into any type of disturbances while applying for a refund. The guidelines will make you aware of your rights. Moreover, policies maintain a trustworthy environment among airline authority and their passengers. Here are some policies you should go through before claiming a refund.

According to the 24 hours spicejet refund policy If you have applied for the refund after 24 hours of ticket cancellation, then the airline will deduct the cancellation charge, and the remaining amount will return in the form of a refund to your given bank account details.

  • On the other hand, if you have applied for the refund within 24 hours of ticket cancellation, then the airline will not deduct the cancellation charge, and the total paid amount will return in the form of a refund to your given bank account details.
  • In some exceptional scenarios, you can get your refund if your flight got delayed or cancelled due to climatic conditions or technical fault. The airline will provide you with the flight fare without deducting the cancellation charge.
  • Unfortunately, your family member died due to some medical issue then; in that case, you need to inform the airline authority and deposit necessary supporting documents to the airline. The authority will understand your situation and provide you with a refund without deduction of cancellation fees.

Steps to Check Spicejet Refund Status

You need to go through the refund procedure mentioned below. After applying it, you will quickly get to know about the spicejet refund status because, at last, you will get a confirmation code mail along with a refund tracking number, with the help of which you can check the status of your refund.

  • You need to visit the official site of Spicejet.
  • Then sign up with your account.
  • After this, the homepage will open and move to the managed booking section. Click on it  
  • Enter your flight booking number and last name.
  • The list of flights will display; select your flight and tap on the cancel button.

Following cancellation, you will get the option of a refund request form; tap on it.

  • A form will open, fill it with details and submit it to the airline authority.
  • Finally, the airline will drop a confirmation mail on your registered email id.

Now you have gone through the spicejet refund policy, which will help you in every situation. Moreover, it saves your time and money. If you still have questions or issues, without any hesitation, contact the airline personnel on the toll-free number from your preferred location. The airline customer service representative is sensible enough to understand your query and resolve it with an effective solution.


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