How Long Does United Give You to Change Your Flight?

If you book a flight with United and realise any typo or wrong information in the ticket, you can change your flight with United Airlines at the same time. The airline gives you 24 hours from the booking to make changes to your ticket free of cost. You can also change the booking on the same day of departure by paying a change fee. However, changing flights is quite simple; you can follow the information below if you have no idea about it. 

How To Change Your United Flight?

United Airlines facilitates you with both online and offline options to change your flight. You can modify the booking by visiting and speaking to the representative. Moreover, to discover details, let's check out the complete content below.

Various ways to change your United Flight 

Change flight via website online

  • Head to the official website of United Airlines using any regular browser.
  • Then to access your booking details, sign in to your account 
  • You can also locate the My Trip section on the top
  • Provide your booking confirmation number and last name on the ticket 
  • Select the ticket you need to change, click on the change reservation button 
  • Select the new date, destination, and other required details 
  • Follow the self-explanatory instructions to complete the changes 
  • Within the next three years, if you wish to switch to a standby flight, select the earlier available flight 
  • You might need to pay charges to board the standby flight 

Change flight by calling United Representative

  • Make a call on 1 800 UNITED to update your Mileage plus tickets 
  • You can follow the IVR and speak to the United agent 
  • Once connected, you can request the agent to modify your booking
  • Provide all the required booking details and remain on call
  • The agent will check the details and ask for your preference 
  • You can confirm everything, and soon the United representative will do the required modification

Change flight Via Third party 

With the help of the above options, you can change your flight with United Airlines anytime unless the booking is made directly from the United website, contact centre, or ticket office desk. If you book the ticket via a third party, you need to talk to your agent directly.

So you can modify your booking by using any of the options above. The airlines might charge you a change fee for every change depending on various factors. However, in case you doubt, I can change my United flight for free; look at the information below.

How to change your United Flight for free?

If you wish to change your flight for free, ensure to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of ticket purchase, and the departure date should be seven days or more later. As per the online sources, the airline has also eliminated the change fee for certain reasons; you can get the details from the website. 

Moreover, if you doubt how to change my United flight for free? You can also speak to the United representative for additional information. Now let's check out the highlights of United Airlines' change flight policy to understand the Terms and conditions. 

United Airlines Change Flight Policy 

Once you purchase the ticket, United gives you 24 hours to make the required correction free of cost. However, depending on several factors like destination, change time, and route, a change fee might apply later.

  • If your ticket is eligible for online flight change, you can modify the booking by visiting the official website.
  • To make a same-day flight change, you can switch to a flight later or earlier by paying the discounted change fee.
  • The airline doesn't charge a same-day flight change fee if you are a Premier Gold & Premier Platinum or Premier 1K member.
  • Per the united airline flight change policy, the same-day flight change fee of around $ 75 applies for Premium Silver and MileagePlus members. 
  • If you already requested a same-day flight change but have not been assigned a seat, you can stand by until the seat assignment, and the change fee will vary accordingly.
  • If you change your flight on the same day, you can modify only the departure and destination locations. The route change is subject to your purchased fare type.

The above information guides you on changing your booking with united airlines and other terms and conditions. If you still have any doubt or need additional information, you can call the United airline customer care number and speak to the agent directly.

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