How Much Baggage Is Allowed in Indigo?

Passengers tend to travel more freely under less stress if the airline they booked the flight with has clearly specified the baggage allowed for the travel. Indigo has been quite flexible with the baggage that it allows within the airline, thus making the passengers choose it over any other airline. For the passenger who is going to travel with the airline for their family vacation, the specifications describing How much baggage is allowed in Indigo will provide clarity on the right way to adhere to the baggage policy with the airline.

Details on the Indigo Airlines Baggage Policy:

Indigo Airlines has given its baggage policy, distinctively for both the hand baggage and checked-in baggage, the pointers to which the passenger needs to adhere to have a seamless travel experience.

Information About the Hand-Baggage Policy with Indigo Airlines:

The passenger needs to stick with the baggage limit that has been allotted as part of travel with the airline.

  • Passengers would be able to carry a maximum of one bag with a weight limit not exceeding 7 kg.
  • The dimensional requirements for the baggage that is carried are 55cm x 35cm x 25cm.
  • Apart from the one-hand baggage that has been allowed, the passenger can carry an additional small bag, which can be a purse or laptop bag not weighing more than 3 kg.
  • The airlines allow the passengers to carry liquid in their hand baggage provided the maximum capacity of the container is 100 ml enclosed in a transparent 1-litre plastic bag.

Hand Baggage Allowance for Infants:

The passengers traveling with an infant are allowed to carry a bag weighing a maximum of 7 kg with a dimension of 115 cm.

Details on the Checked-Baggage Policy with Indigo Airlines:

The passengers are expected to comply with the standards being set for the checked-baggage allowance with the airline, which is:

  • The total number of checked baggage allowed is 2, weighing a total of 46 kg per passenger.
  • The dimensional range that the passenger is allowed to carry is 158cm (62 inches).
  • Passengers are allowed to carry alcoholic beverages up to 5 liters in their checked baggage with a total alcohol content of not more than 70%. It should be sealed with appropriate packaging material.
  • The alcohol that the passenger purchases from the airport and carries needs to be in a re-sealable transparent bag with dimensions of 25 cm x 15 cm.
  • The infant checked baggage policy is not applicable as the passenger can only carry hands-on luggage for the infant with no checked baggage allowance present separately.

Additional Baggage Fee Charged by Indigo:

The cost charged by the airline for the extra baggage that the passenger tends to carry varies with the cabin type and the ticket fare. Even so, the fee charged usually ranges between 15 USD to 30 USD per piece of baggage, which can vary depending on the number of additional bags the passenger is carrying.

Final Words: After going over the details of the baggage policy with IndiGo airline, the passengers would now have clarity on how efficiently they need to pack their bags for the trips they take. Make sure to connect with an agent with the airline in case there are still some doubts persisting.

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