How much does it cost to change a name on American Airlines?

A simple name spelling error can seemingly endanger even hundreds of dollars worth of flight reservations. American Airlines offers various utilities to fix these errors, with or without a cost to change a name on American Airlines. Fixing such misspelt names on flight tickets should be of utmost priority to the passenger since Airways follows the flight security rules and doesn't allow an individual with a different name to board the aeroplane. The sections below expound on the various ins and outs of American Airlines' name change policy and procedure to satiate the curious individuals in need.

American Airlines name change policies

  • American Airlines offers two kinds of name changes: major and minor changes for small errors in the name and changing the whole name, respectively.
  • The errors in the middle name or any other honorary title are not needed to be corrected since Americans verify only the first and last name as on one's government IDs.
  • Minor name changes must be made for American prime and eagle flight reservations with a misspelt name. 
  • Minor American Airlines change names on the ticket are free of all charges. However, one cannot alter the flight date.
  • Major name changes must be made by those with an "R" on their ticketed inventories.
  • Due to legal reasons, those who need to change their whole first, last, or both will have to present supporting documents as proof to validate their name change.
  • Anyone who has recently married or divorced or got their name changed legally needs to change the names on the reservation to match the new names on the government papers.


Multiple changes are allowed to the name, and one must re-issue their tickets with the old itinerary details. However, the American Airlines name change policy states that the gender, DOB, and flight itinerary of the passenger cannot be changed in the context of a name change.

How much does a name change cost for an American Airlines ticket?

Almost all name changes on American Airlines are free of charges, penalties, or monies. However, the major name changes have a $25 name change fee. Those who wonder about the cost to change a name on American Airlines for subsequent changes can know that each attempt would charge a $25 fee.

How do I change name on my American Airlines ticket?

Anyone who needs to change the name on their American Airlines reservation will have to contact the original vendor from where they got the ticket. Suppose someone booked the flight from the airline and is curious about "How to change name on my American Airlines ticket?". In that case, the American website can be used, or their customer care can be contacted to get the name corrected or changed.

Via Website:

  • The American airline's website can be used to make corrections on misspelt names easily.
  • The "My Trips" panel on the American Airlines homepage can search and load the flight itinerary using the booking reservation details.
  • Next, one can select the "Change" menu and then click on the "Change name" option under it to make amends to the name.
  • Once the corrections have been made, confirm the changes, and an email signifying successful changes to the name will be sent to the customer's email address.

Via phone call:

The American airline's customer service takes care of all concerns and assistance a passenger may require, including name corrections and changes. However, if required, one will have to pay the American Airlines name change fee and an additional support assistance fee. Due to legal changes, those who need to change their names on a full name basis will have to call American customer service. The contact numbers are mentioned on the American website, and one can click on "Contact American" at the bottom of the airline's homepage to get to them. 

One would have to dial the number corresponding to their location and ask the support agent for American Airlines change name on the ticket. The live agent will quickly get the desired corrections or changes made.

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