How much does it cost to change your flight on Aeromexico?

Searching for the Aeromexico flight, you have to make changes to the flight due to some changes in the planning. For this, a passenger is required to change and find the cost to change your flight on Aeromexico. So, Aeromexico will take the passengers' charges differently due to Aeromexico operating both international and national flights. So, there you will see the prices you have to pay while changing there. 

For international flight change- pay $400

For domestic flight modifications- pay $200

How Do I Change My Flight in Aeromexico?

So, if you are looking to change your flight with Aeromexico, change your flight by two methods that are: 

  1. Change flight Aeromexico by calling 
  2. Updating your flight through an online method

Method 1, change the Aeromexico flight by phone call

Moreover, here are the steps to help you change the flight. For this, you must follow the following steps that are:

Launch the Aeromexico page on your search engine>>> go to the contact page and call on the 

+52 (55) 5133 4000>>> then, a call will be transferred to the IVR method to resolve all issues that you are facing. For this, you have to listen to all the options with full concentration and press the button according to what you want.

Press 1, to book the Aeromexico flight

Press 2, To cancel the reserved flight ticket,

Press 3, to get payback from the airlines

press 4, To change flight Aeromexico, 

Press 5, for talking with the Aeromexico person

Thus, press 4, to change your flight. Here you have to click on the button and change your flight with them. So, by this, you can easily modify your flight. 

Method 1, change the Aeromexico flight over the online method

  1. Open the Aeromexico Flight portal on your device.
  2. Tap on the option of manage booking under the menu of this page
  3. Then, fill out your booking number and your last name that can be shown on your reserved ticket
  4. After this, enter the button for search the reserved Aeromexico flight 
  5. Tap on the search flight from which you want to make changes with that
  6. Edit the Aeromexico reserved ticket details and make changes according to you.

(you can change your flight, date, time, day, and name, after cancellation, you can also book your flight and many more things.)

  1. Save it.
  2. And pay the amount which is required to pay for changing pay.

After that, you will receive a notification of this. However, if you’re considering the cost to change your flight on Aeromexico, pay the fee according to your changing date because the airline will change your flight without taking charges and without taking any fare from them. However, you will see that in its policy that will help you in changing the Aeromexico flight swiftly.

What is the Aeromexico Flight change policy?

Aeromexico can make the flight change policy to resolve all issues of passengers that a passenger can face while travelling there.

You will want to consider Aeromexico's flight change policy when making a flight change. It will give you one last chance to rebook a flight before the original flight leaves.

  • If you cannot make your original flight, you can change your ticket for no extra charge. In most cases, Aeromexico will not charge you any fees to make a change.
  • Aeromexico offers a flight change policy that protects its customers from being denied travel or paying a fee if they need to change a flight. 
  • If you are unable to make a change in time, you can also use the phone number on your reservation to make the change.
  • You can also cancel your flight and get a full refund. This refund can take up to 12 months, so be patient and allow for the refund to be processed. 
  • In addition to refunding the difference in fare, if you make a change within 14 days of your scheduled flight date, you're not required to pay any fees. 
  • If you want to change your flight on the same day, however, you'll have to pay an Aeromexico flight change fee between $200 and $400.
  • You don’t have to give any money if you change your flight 24*7 of booking.
  • And, on the other hand, you have to pay, if you change after 24*7 of booking.
  • Lastly, you can change your flight a day before departing the Aeromexico flight.

Furthermore, this method will help you in Change My Flight on Aeromexico. If you confront any problem, calling Aeromexico will help you resolve all queries you are confronting. Thus, you can also connect with them by upper stated article. So, without any hesitation take the customer service help from Aeromexico. Hence, you can also solve all difficulties while taking 24/7 services from the Airlines.

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