How to Contact American Airlines from Iceland?

American Airlines is a US-based airline, which helps us book, modify, see live flight locations, or even cancel a flight. If you have any issues or need help, their customer service is always ready to assist you with any problem. You can contact American Airlines from Iceland anytime and call their helpline number. Though the phone call may not be toll-free, and some charges may apply. 

Different Ways to Contact American Airlines from Iceland

These are the different methods through which you can contact American Airlines from Iceland and ask them your issue:

Through phone call: If you want any help or have any issue with the airline, you can always call the American Airlines phone number, and they will help you with the problem. It is the best and the fastest method, as you can directly ask them your query, and they will get your answer within seconds. Using these steps, you can get the contact number for the Iceland region :

  • Step 1: Open the official website "" or the airline mobile app.
  • Step 2: Select the "Contact American" option.
  • Step 3: Then click on the "Call us" option.
  • Step 4: After that, you need to choose your country, and you can see the helpline number for your country.
  • Step 5: As you call on the helpline number, you need to select which field you need help with, like any grievances or complaints, baggage issues, seat selection, flight information, or to inform the authority about some lost and found item.
  • Step 6: Then, a customer support associate will assist you to help with the issue.

Through Live chat: If you are not able to get in touch with the American Airlines through a phone call or facing any network issue, you can also text them with the help of the live chat option, and their customer support associate will assist you in solving your problem. Using these steps, you can chat with the airline :

  • Step 1: Visit the website ""
  • Step 2: Click on the "Contact us" or "Help" option.
  • Step 3: Then select the "Chat with us" option.
  • Step 4: You will connect with the customer support associate and help you with your problem.

Through Email: You can also contact American Airlines from Iceland by emailing them at You can even attach a picture or a document with the mail and provide the relevant data to make it easier for customer service to understand your problem. Then their customer support team will revert you through the mail with the answer to your problem. You can even send them mail by filling out a form, which is available on the website. When you fill out the form, they will ask you all the necessary details regarding your issue and then contact you through the mail with the answer to your question.

Through Social media: If you are experiencing a long waiting time when calling the helpline number, you can also get in touch with American Airlines directly through their social media handle through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You can send them a message and mention your problem then one of the members from their team will reply to you with the answer through text. Below are the social media handle:

  • Instagram 
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 

Using the above steps, you can contact American Airlines customer care. If you still have any issues, visit the official website mentioned above to get more information about the airline. For any other kind of help, you can also read the FAQs or any related helpful articles.

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