How to Select Flight Seats in Indigo?

A comfortable Seat is the most crucial factor that needs to be taken care of before boarding a flight so that you can enjoy your journey. Indigo allows you to select your preferred Seat while booking the flight itself. Suppose you cannot do so at the time of booking. In that case, you are allowed to do so through the Manage Booking section of their website at any point up to 60 minutes before the departure of your domestic flight and 75 minutes earlier in case of an International flight. You can easily Select flight seats in IndiGo using the methods given below to avoid any inconveniences during the journey.

Method 1: Online

You can select your IndiGo Airlines seat online by replicating the steps described below.

  • Open the website
  • Click the Edit Booking option under the Manage section of the website.
  • Enter the PNR/Booking Reference and Email/Last Name to see your booking details.
  • Mark the preferred flight and click the Add Seat option, and you will be asked to select your Seat using the Seat Map.
  • Pick the Seat of your choice, and you will be redirected to the payments page.
  • Pay the required amount, and the process is complete.
  • They will drop you an email confirming the Seat selection.

Method 2: Calling a Representative

Seat selection at IndiGo is also possible by calling their customer service number at +91 (0)124 435 2500 and choosing the same option. They will forward your call to a dedicated representative who will answer shortly and ask for your booking details like PNR, Name, etc. Share the details so that they can provide you with the available options. Select a Seat and make the required payment through IVR mode. They will assign you the chosen Seat and send you an endorsement email confirming it.

Method 3: at the Airport Check-In Counter

As a last resort, you can also select your Seat by visiting the IndiGo check-in counter at your departure airport. You must only bring your e-ticket and a government-issued ID proof for verification. After paying the required charges, they will check you into your flight, assign you a Seat you have asked for, and hand over the boarding pass to you.

What Is the Indigo Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Before resolving the query, How to select flight seats in IndiGo? You must read their Seat selection policy below to complete the process smoothly.

  • According to the policy, you can select the Seat at IndiGo if you have booked it through their website/App, call centers, or Booking offices.
  • If you have booked your Seat through a travel agency, you must contact the same to select the Seats.
  • Passengers with wheelchair assistance can not select the Seats in the front row and the Seats near the emergency exit.
  • You can select your Seats up to 60 minutes before the planned departure.
  • If you surpass all the deadlines to select the Seats at Indigo Airlines, then they will randomly allot you a Seat, and you will have to pay the required charges to change the assigned Seat.
  • If you are a passenger with a disability, then you can select your Seat only at the airport check-in counter after submitting the proper documents.

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