What is the Cost for cancelling a flight with Allegiant Air?

Sometimes, some conditions force the passenger to cancel their Allegiant Air flight. Due to this reason, a passenger can cancel their fight with Allegiant Air. But they don’t know if they will cancel their Allegiant Air flight. So, the airlines allow you to cancel the flight with them by taking the cost to cancel a flight with Allegiant Air from them. However, the cost that passengers will take is $25 per person travelling on Allegiant Airlines. 

How much does it cost to cancel a flight with Allegiant Air?

Here are the ways of cancelling the Allegiant flight ticket. So, if you are searching for how to change my flight on Allegiant, cancel the flight tickets using some methods you will locate. Moreover, a passenger can cancel their flight by two methods.

  1. Cancel the Allegiant flight ticket by online method- A passenger can cancel their flight by online method. So, here you will find ways to cancel flight tickets with Allegiant Air. 
  • Navigate the Allegiant Air on your device
  • Then, look for the manage booking tab on the homepage of the airlines
  • Tap on the link and share the information of your booking number and your last name.
  • Then, look for your booked flight at Allegiant Air
  • After that, edit your settings and cancel your Allegiant flight 
  • Pay the cancellation fees and receive the cancellation mail from Allegiant customer service.
  • By phone call, cancel the Allegiant flight- Looking to cancel the Allegiant Air flight through a phone call, follow the subsequent steps.

Launch the browser of Allegiant Air>>> find the calling option beneath the customer service page>>> get the phone number (702) 505-8888>>> dial the number>>> and your call will be converted into the IVR method>>> hear all the .options

  • Press 1 to reserve your flight with Allegiant Air.
  • Press 2 to cancel the Allegiant flight
  • Take a refund from the airlines, press 3
  • Press 4 to upgrade the flight
  • Press 5 for speaking with the live person at Allegillegiant Air flight. And pay your cost to cancel a flight with Allegiant Air as a cancellation fee.

Therefore, ensure that you are familiar with the Allegiant Air cancellation policy whenever you cancel the Allegiant flight. So, by going through with it, you can easily cancel your flight. However, this policy will tell you about your fees during cancellation. Because for some conditions, you have to pay, but on others, you aren't required to pay any fare to them.

Allegiant Air cancellation policy

Whether you want to cancel your Allegiant Air flight for a family vacation or simply get a refund, there are a few things to remember. For this, Allegiant Air allows you to cancel the flight with that, so take an eye on their policy. 

  • This allegiant cancellation policy will ensure that you receive a full refund. You can also get a trip protection plan, which saves you up to seventy-five dollars per ticket. But remember, you can only use this plan if you purchase a refundable ticket.
  • Cancelling the flight tickets within 24 hours of booking didn’t take any fare from you.
  • If you purchase an Elegant Awards ticket, you'll need to meet specific requirements before you can cancel. However, if you purchase the Trip Flex add-on, you're exempt from the cancellation fee.
  • You have to pay the cancellation fee when you cancel your Allegiant flight tickets within 24 hours of flying the Allegiant Air Flight.
  • The only exception to this policy is when you cancel your flight less than a week before departure. You can also call the airline's help desk and discuss the cancellation policy with the representative. 
  • You will get a full refund when airlines cancel your ticket due to not approving your passport.
  • A full refund will be available on non-refundable and refundable itinerary receipts when it will cancel within 24 hours of booking.
  • A 100% refund will be applicable when you cancel your ticket due to delays on your Allegiant flight.

So, by acknowledging all the policies, you will get the best services whenever you cancel a flight. 

Further, if you confront any difficulty during cancellation, call on the Allegiant customer care number to resolve your issues, however, it will provide you the best services to attain superior services.


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