What Is the Number for 1 800 323 2323?

The passenger who flies frequently with Delta Airlines can join their frequent-flyer program, SkyMiles. The program has been introduced as a reward for travelers who choose Delta for their every flight trip. Joining the program will allow you to attain additional benefits for the trips and exciting rewards for each trip. Now, if you wonder what is the number for 1 800 323 2323. The number is provided by Delta to get through to the SkyMiles department for any doubts and requirements.

One can call the Delta SkyMiles phone number to speak with the official who can provide the information related to your miles or clarify any miles-related doubt. To call the department, here is the procedure:

  • Dial the phone number: 1800-323-2323,
  • Next, opt for your suitable language,
  • As an official connect, you might have to share your SkyMiles account number,
  • Further, you can proceed with asking your miles-related questions,
  • The official will patiently share the needed answers with you. 

What Are the Other Methods for Getting Through to Delta Skymiles?

There are a few other methods available that can help a person get through to Delta SkyMiles for any requirement and help. The methods that one can adhere to other than call are:

Live Chat

A person could also connect with an official from the SkyMiles department at the live chat as well. All the miles-related queries could be solved by an official on the chat. Follow the below steps for the same:

  • Log in with your SkyMiles account on the Delta website,
  • Next, open the Help Center section on the website,
  • There, pick the live chat option and choose a language in the chat screen,
  • Next, you have to write your query and wait for the official to reply in a moment.


The email can also be dropped at the Delta SkyMiles department from the site. You could send the queries and expect the desired information in the next two days. The email could be delivered with the following procedure:

  • Open the Delta Help Center on your screen,
  • There, look for the email icon to deliver your query,
  • In the reason column, opt for Delta SkyMiles,
  • Next, add the detailed query along with the personal info in the provided columns,
  • Send the same to customer service by tapping the Submit button.

What Services Can I Receive by Connecting with the Delta Skymiles Department?

In case you would like to learn about the things that you can obtain by approaching the SkyMiles department at Delta Airlines, read the below list and know the reasoning to connect with a SkyMiles official:

  • Accessing issue on your SkyMiles account.
  • To learn about the current balance on your SkyMiles account.
  • Redeeming miles for your travel.
  • Learn about the policies for transferring or adding miles to another account.
  • Using Delta SkyMiles with a partnered airline.

Hence, with the following details, you must know how to approach an official at Delta SkyMiles customer service; either call or drop your queries, and you will receive assistance shortly. The reasons for connecting with an official at the SkyMiles department of Delta have also been mentioned above, which you can take into consideration.

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