How long does it take to get an Air Canada Refund?

Flight reservations are factually the costliest form of travel, yet it doesn't deter people from booking flight tickets months ahead of the actual flight departure, and this can pose a problem if one wants to tweak or cancel their flight. Air Canada understands this, so if anyone desires to get an Air Canada Refund, the airline gives straight options and guidelines. The sections below elaborate upon the Air Canada policies and the process of getting a refund from the airline, and one can explore them to know how to do so.

How soon do Air Canada process refunds?

The usual processing time for an Air Canada refund is 21 days from the time of raising the refund request. The refund can be offered to the passenger anytime during this period. One can contact the airline's customer care or use the website to check their Air Canada refund status. A refund for those who paid for the flight reservation using a credit or debit card will be processed within 7-10 days. 

Air Canada’s Refund Policy

  • Any flight cancellations made within 24 hours from booking is free from cancellation charges and will allow a full refund on the ticket price, provided the reservation was made 24 hours before the scheduled flight take-off.
  • Air Canada's Latitude, Premium, and Business class tickets can be cancelled without paying any charges, and let's have a full refund even after 24 hours of the booking.
  • Air Canada Basic economy fare is non-refundable, while the other fares will levy cancellation charges while allowing the passengers to get refunds.
  • No flight cancellations are allowed within 2 hours of the scheduled flight departure.

What happens if Air Canada cancels a flight?

In the scenarios where one's flight is delayed for more than 3 hours or is cancelled by the airline, the Air Canada refund policy states that every passenger will get a complete refund irrespective of their ticket type. The refund process will be initiated automatically, but one can fill out a refund request form if they desire a cash refund.

How does Air Canada give Refunds?

  • Air Canada processes refunds in the form of travel vouchers or cash currency.
  • The Air Canada refund due to an involuntary cancellation is often processed through travel vouchers, travel credits, or coupons.
  • However, one can opt for a cash refund by contacting the airline or filling out the refund request form if they have already received a refund travel voucher.
  • A cash refund will reflect in the original bank account used to pay for the reservation.

How to Get a Refund on an Air Canada flight cancellation?

One can try to get a refund for their cancelled Air Canada flight by contacting the airline or the vendor from which they bought the reservation. If the ticket was purchased directly from the airline, one can use the Air Canada website or contact their customer service to get an Air Canada Refund. Additionally, one should have a confirmed cancellation before requesting a refund.

Via Website:

  • If one hasn't yet cancelled their flight, they can open the Air Canada homepage and click on "My Bookings."
  • Next, search for the flight reservation by using the reservation details to open the flight itinerary and other corresponding options for the flight.
  • Once the flight details show up, click on cancel and confirm the cancelation by paying the charges, if any.
  • The same portal will offer the option of raising a refund request if the ticket is eligible for a refund.
  • The confirmation email for the successful flight cancellation also contains the refund request link if the passenger can avail of a refund. One can click on this link and start the refund process.

Via Refund form:

For those passengers whose flight has already been cancelled, voluntarily or not, one can fill out the refund request form on the airline's website to get a refund from Air Canada. One can search for the refund request form on the website's search panel and then fill and submit the form.

Via phone call:

  • Contacting Air Canada customer care is an alternative option for those unable to access the website for some reason.
  • The Air Canada Customer care's phone number can be accessed by clicking on the "Customer Support" option on the airline's homepage.
  • Doing so will prompt the browser to load the various contact details for Air Canada customer care.

Dial the relevant number and ask the agent for assistance on flight cancellations and refunds. Make sure to keep the reservation details handy as they will be needed. To know about one's Air Canada refund status, one can contact Air Canada customer support.

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