How much does it cost to change an Air Canada flight?

Changing dates or destinations of booked flights is an issue of concern nowadays, and also worried about the cost to change an Air Canada flight? Because of several airline policies, it has become difficult for passengers to cope-up with the change policy resulting in a confusing process and getting stuck up. The information provided herein is what you need to know to make the process easier and hassle-free. And for a smoother process, you must be aware of the policies, process, and cost. The below given has all your required information.  

Air Canada Flight Change Policy

To make changes in your bookings in the least troublesome way, you must be aware of the below-given air Canada flight change policy.

  • You must book the tickets from the official website or any trusted source as specified by the airlines. 
  •  Flight change rules apply to all kinds of changes that you tend to make.
  • You cannot make any changes if you make any after 5 hours left for the scheduled departure or the flight has departed. 
  • If you are a Dreamliner member or have a Premium class booking, you are eligible for free changes in your booking before 2 days of departure. However, the purchase must be made before 7 or more days. 
  • If you are not a Dreamliner or do not have a Premium class booking, you can make changes within 24 hours of purchase for free. But the purchase, in this case, must be made 7 or more days before the departure date. 
  • Airlines can charge you extra if you are not included in any of these policies.  
  • If you wish to make changes on the same day, you must be eligible for it. 

How to change my Air Canada flight? 

 Want to know the  Canada flight change process? The below-given steps are how you can do it. To make changes:

  • Browse through the official website of Air Canada. 
  • Use your User Id and password to login into your registered account with Air Canada. 
  • Click on the "My Bookings" tab on the homepage. 
  • Enter the reference id along with your last name to retrieve your bookings. 
  • Choose the trip you want to make changes in. 
  • Make the necessary changes after clicking on the "Reschedule" option. 
  • Click on the "Confirm" tab after adequately checking it. 
  • Choose your preferred payment method if the fee is applicable according to the policies. 
  • After confirmation, Air Canada will send you an SMS and an email with your rebooked ticket details. 

Other ways to make changes in the booking

Apart from doing it from the official website, you can also give a call to the Air Canada customer executive number. From the official website of Air Canada, you can find the number 000 800 040 1885. Dial the number and follow the IVR instructions to get your rebookings done. You can also chat with the Online Chat Service of Air Canada. You can also reach out to the Air Canada booking Counter for direct assistance from a live person if you want to make changes to your flight. If you have an adequate time of at least 3 weeks, you can also write a mail at the customer relations email address to make changes.  

Cost for rescheduling your Air Canada flight

Depending on the fares, the cost to change an Air Canada flight differs from ticket to ticket. You can refer to the below information for reference. 

  • If you make changes within 24 hours of booking, you are eligible for free changes. 
  • If you are making changes after 24 hours of booking, 

Cost for Econo tickets: $75 to $88.50

Cost for Flex fare tickets : $50 to $59  

There are also contact forms available that you can fill and submit to get help from the airlines regarding the changes you want. Do not forget to mention your active phone number and email address to receive SMS and mail sent by the airlines. The details about the cost to change an Air Canada flight are provided in the above-written content. Don'tDon't hesitate to contact Customer Support of Air Canada for more information or further assistance with the procedure and price. 

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