How to call Delta Airlines from Antigua and Barbuda?

Delta Airlines can share comfy and appropriate services to happy their passengers. In addition, it can also ensure that the passenger never met with any issues while flying and getting in touch with them. Therefore, they make a customer support section to help their travelers quickly by phone. So, if you want to contact them from Antigua and Barbuda for any reason, dialing the Delta Antigua and Barbuda Phone Number is the best way to resolve issues. Thus, if you don’t know how to get this, you should pursue the steps below.

Search for the Delta Airlines website and view it. After that, select the tab "contact support” tab. On the customer support page, you will get such countries to view it. Then, under the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Bermuda sections, view Antigua and Barbuda; open that column. Paste the number on the dial pad and call them; when the number 1-802-341-3430 (+)800-221-1212 converts in the IVR commands, you should hear out all options clearly and press according to your issues.

  • Dial 1 to make a booking with the Delta 
  • Dial 2 to book the special assistance
  • To take the luggage information, dial 3
  • Cancel the flight, request a refund, dial 4
  • Dial 5 to make a connection with the international support 
  • Dial 6 to speak with the Delta spokesperson 
  • To make changes and upgrades, dial 7
  • Dial 9 for complaining anything 

To speak directly with the agent, you have to dial the 6th button; when an airline person picks up the call, you rapidly communicate with them, and by this, you must resolve all kinds of difficulties thoroughly.

What is the Delta Airlines phone number for Antigua?

If you are seeking for what is the Delta Airlines Antigua phone number, so, that is the 1-802-341-3430 (+) 800-221-1212. So, by speaking on this number, you can easily take an immediate response from the direct agent.

What are the other numbers to contact Delta Airlines?

Moreover, Delta customer support can make some specific numbers to solve them separately. Therefore, to attain it, you should get through the below-mentioned details. 

  • To Get in-flight support- 404-209-3434
  • For acquiring the upcoming Flight Information - 800-325-199
  • Attain the Services International Sales - 800-241-4141
  • To contact the General Sales and Service - 800-221-1212
  • Making any Hotels reservation or getting information -866-204 -0280
  • For Delta Gift Cards- 800 -225-1366
  • Making holidays reservation with Delta- 800 -800 -1504
  • Get the Baggage detailed information- 800-325-8224
  • Request for a refund- 800-847-0578

Further, if the call can’t be connected with the delta person due to continuing to be busy, the agent can request the call. Therefore, you can do it by contact form. Thus, to know about it, get through steps.

  • Visit the official web page of the Delta Airlines
  • Find the “help center” column and click on it; look for the contact form
  • Open the form, enter all the requisite details in the form,
  • Request for a call and share the assistance given date and time,
  • Submit it and get answer on time. 

Furthermore, if these ways cited above in this article don’t work or Delta Airlines Antigua and Barbuda contact number is not connected with the person, share your issues with the agent through email at

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